Cryptocurrency wallet is a secure digital wallet used to store, send, and receive digital currency.
Wallets are software which can be used to view cryptocurrency balances and make transactions.
Wallets are secure.


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  • What is a cryptocurrency?

    Cryptocurrency is basically a virtual exchange medium that uses a cryptography in order to secure its transactions and control the creation of the system units. Meaning, cryptocurrency simply represents money in the digital marketplace nothing else. It is based on an open-source software, cryptography and networking. It lets people or users avoid fees or the lowest fees as compared to what your banks are charging. The system takes part in the non-cash transactions that is anonymous while guaranteeing a secure transactions.

    Cryptocurrency is associated with internet using cryptography process converting legible information into an almost uncrack-able digital code, impossible to crack transfers and purchases.

  • Why use cryptocurrency?

    Basically, cryptocurrencies are known for its extreme security and anonymity to the highest level. Transactions made by this system cannot be reversed nor faked and compared to what your local bank are doing in its client charging high transaction fees. In cryptocurrency the fees are to the lowest level, making it reliable than the conventional currency in the marketplace. Its decentralized nature means they can be available to everyone, in which banks can only be available to those they permitted to open accounts.

    Cryptocurrency is a new generation cash, the cryptocurrency marketplace known this that currency that could take off high value even overnight. But same works the other way around. People who invest on cryptocurrencies must be aware on its volatility in the market and the possible risk when buying it.

    The high level of anonymity of cryptocurrencies make experts think that they are associated with the illegal activities on the digital marketplace, this is more to say specifically on dark web. Users should take extra careful when choosing currencies to keep.

  • What is a cryptocurrency wallet?

    These days, getting started with Bitcoin is much easier than it used to be. Below is a step by step guide on how to create a Bitcoin wallet and to begin buying, selling, or exchanging digital assets.

    1. Choose a wallet type and provider

    First determine whether you want to keep your Bitcoin in a hardware wallet (such as a Ledger Nano or a Trezor wallet) or a software-based wallet such as Jubiter. We have plenty of information available in our knowledge base to help you make an informed decision. Availing yourself of Google will also help you make your choice. Once you have narrowed it down to a wallet type, choose a provider and follow the instructions available on their website or product. The remaining steps are going to look something like the following:

    2. Set up an account

    Each wallet provider will require different information (some require more personal information than others) and will have its own specific signup process. Most should take a matter of moments.

    3. Choose a password

    Your password will give you access to your private and public keys. The private key is the unique information that only you will have in order to access your funds. Your public key is the address you will use to send and receive funds on the blockchain. Any good wallet provider will have Login Guard and two-factor authentication to ensure the account is secure at the point of access. Most Bitcoin accounts will not allow you to reset your password or access it if you lose it. You must not lose your password.

    4. Buy Bitcoin from an exchange or receive funds from another user

    Once you buy or receive your first funds you will have an active Bitcoin account. You can then buy, sell, or store your BTC. You can also exchange it for other digital assets such as LTC.

  • How to open a cryptocurrency wallet?

    First of all, think about how you want to use your wallet: using a mobile phone, a PC, a specific website or a device that stores keys without access to the Internet.

    Most wallet producers offer step-by-step guides for using their applications, and the process is not too different from e-mail setting up. Remember to back up your secret key and keep it safely.

    It's also important to keep in mind that some wallets do not work on all platforms. Make sure that the chosen wallet supports the cryptocurrency you are interested in, and a well-known and trustworthy company is behind it.

  • What is the best cryptocurrency wallet?

    Finding the best crypto wallet for you depends on several factors. You first need to determine what it is you’re looking for. Most of the below comes down to the one central question at the center of any decision about cryptocurrency wallets: Are you concerned primarily with security or accessibility? In other words, is the wallet chiefly for secure storage or for easy access to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies? Security is of course, crucial. Regardless of your priorities, the wallet should adhere to the highest cryptography standards and data protection should be central to their approach. Accessibility is also very important for anyone who will use the wallet regularly.

    Here are some other key considerations:

    1. Do you want to hold onto your cryptos in a secure environment for a long time or have easy daily access for transactions? How often you want to access the wallet will determine whether you choose a cold storage hardware wallet, which is best for safe long term keeping, or an online hot wallet, which is quick and easy to access and use, but less ideal for long term storage.
    2. How important to you is anonymity? Cold hardware wallets such as the Ledger or Trezor are typically the most anonymous. However, if you aren’t as concerned with anonymity, many users find wallets directly connected to exchanges like Coinbase or Jubiter much more convenient.
    3. Are you experienced with digital assets or do you need to find the best cryptocurrency wallet for beginners? Some wallets, particularly cold storage options, require some basic knowledge of cryptography and blockchain. These options are better for users with experience. Beginners will find a multi-cryptocurrency wallet with simple access via internet or mobile app much more intuitive.
    4. Do you want a multi-currency wallet or are you interested in only one cryptocurrency? Most wallets are designed to be used with only one cryptocurrency. Some, such as Jubiter’s, are compatible with more than one. For users who know they will only use one crypto and who are not interested in exchanging between two or more, a single asset wallet is the most straightforward. If you are not sure, you probably want a multi-cryptocurrency wallet.
  • What is cryptocurrency exchange and market?

    A cryptocurrency market and exchange are both service in web, allowing cryptoccurrency token holder to trade to other currency or conventional monetary to their system. According to record, there are more than 2000 cryptocurrency exchangers in the ecosystem

  • Is Cyrptocurrency safe?

    Every day of each year cryptocurrency is getting known by people, of course it is made to exchange secure information, in the year 2009 the first cryptocurrency was created in the name of Bitcoin. In the preceding years new cryptocurrencies follow namely, Dash, Ripple, Litecoin, etc. But among those list of cryptocurrencies in the marketplace, Bitcoin has not been beaten.

    These cryptocurrencies are obviously safe and more and more people are trusting it, this is because of its decentralized feature, the transparency and how the system works.

    Almost more than three million Bitcoin users are in the marketplace right now, most are doing investment in the said currency. Even though there are risk in investing this currency, because of its fluctuation, there are around more than 6,000 companies and organizations accepting Bitcoin payments.

    One reasons why we should consider cryptocurrency safe is that wallet holder or buyer doesn’t need real information like credit card numbers etc. That alone ensures that you will not be known to someone. Years from now it is expected crypto currency like Bitcoin will become a bridge towards secure payments and will expand more.


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